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November 11 2014


Perfspot - An original Social Website

Perfspot is among the new social networking websites out there. It absolutely was launched on March, 2007. Perfspot can be a social media website. Perfspot targets mainly teenagers and young professionals, and was the fastest growing social website in UK in 2007. - social blog

The minimum age to become listed on this website is 13. The website targets university students and young professionals. But the profiles of users below 18 years doesn't appear under general search.

One unique feature of the website is the ability to setup webshop. To setup your internet shop you'll want an Paypal account. Perfspot allows users to listen to music and add these to their playlist.

An ideal user generated content on this website makes it a much better spot to socialize yourself together with your friends. Perfspot can be your put on internet what your location is absolve to share your photos, tune in to music and talk with your friends.


Perfspot developed many features looking at the start. Perfspot provides features that are unique including "Perfnights" which captures ambiance all over the world.

This site is also expanding internationally by opening multi-national customer support and opening offices in numerous countries and is also the most notable growing website on the planet in terms of quantity of visitors. According to Alexa and has over 20 million users from 190 countries. According Alexa.com, it's ranked 239th place worldwide. Alexa named Perfspot the very "Mover and Shaker" due to its rapid increase in online traffic.

Current usage:

According to Hitwise.com, the individuals this amazing site are in these age groups:

1. 11.78% they are under 24.
2. 15.33% are between 24 and 25.
3. 56.38% are between 35 and 44.
4. 8.86% are between 45 and 54.
5. 7.65% are higher than 55.

Depending on gender, 53% of users are males and remaining 47% are females. The music activity section which contains bands from selection of sources. Currently this website has about 50 bands and intends to add another 50 bands.

Perfspot does not maintain a limit about the level of pictures and content its user uploads. Using this website, advertise your product or service through advertisements. With more users within the age group below 35 years you can surely reach your target audience.

Advantages to user:

Perfspot offers benefits as just like other social networking website. Perfspot allows user to fulfill friends on the internet and send messages to them. Using Perfspot, it is possible to chat with other user through chat rooms. There are different forums available to you to become listed on and begin conversation. There is no limit how many photos you upload, so you can add as much you want.

Companies can advertise regarding products or services on this internet site. One can market to users on specific features including geographic targeting. Companies have the option to target merely a specific region.

Technical explanation:

You need to register at Perfspot to access the website. Registering involves choosing an name, password, college you studied and current email address. After the registration completes, you are required to upload your profile photo (it is possible to skip this).

In the next step, it displays some groups so that you may join. This task can be skipped. Following your previously listed steps are complete, you might be taken to your profile or webpage.

Worldwide usage:

The Perfspot is relatively new social media website. It is most favored in China, India, Indonesia and Egypt in accordance with Alexa.com. This social media website offers 30 million members and 60 million unique visitors on a monthly basis. In accordance with survey by Nielsen/NetRatings, it's the fastest growing social website in UK. - social blog

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